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US President Barack Obama,
Bexar County Democratic Chair Manuel Medina


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Who We Are
Before all other things, we are a family of many different kinds of people. We come from all walks of life. We are home-makers, business people, factory workers, public servants, educators, soldiers, preachers, you name it - we've got it. We come from all skin colors, religions, cultures, genders, sexual orientations and gender identities. We don't exclude. That is who we are!
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To keep our party running strong now and in the future, we rely on sustaining members for our month-to-month expenses. Our goal is to raise enough not only to cover our basic operations, but to use 75% of the amount raised to fund an aggressive campaign so that our Democratic candidates will be elected and re-elected!
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County Chair Manuel Medina at the MLK March
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Congratulations to our 2012
Bexar County Democratic Winners!


If Democratic Women, Blacks and Latinos register and vote in the populous counties including BEXAR, DALLAS, TRAVIS & HARRIS Counties, we already have enough Democratics to win STATE WIDE

We could make life better for a lot of people with Blue Governor and Blue Legislature.

Help us get our invisible Democrats Registered!


If we could turn Texas Blue we could make Texas a BETTER STATE:

1. Restore the 13,000 education Jobs lost to the 2011 cuts.

2. Expand Medicaid to cover those 5,000,000 Texans (yes, that is a 5 with 6 zeros, 5 MILLION) with no health insurance now. The Federal Government is actually picking up the tab. It would SAVE Texas money!

3.Bring common sense judgment back into our schools and get rid of zero tolerance policies that result in Texas having the highest young Hispanic incarceration rate in the WORLD.


¡Su voto es su voz! ¡Regístrese hoy!
Your vote is your voice! Register today!


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Bill Clinton rallies SA Democrats

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