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Executive Council
The Executive Council is composed of the County Chair, the Treasurer, and the four (4) Deputy Chairs, who shall be voting members; and the Secretary as a non-voting member. The Executive Council will conduct urgent legal and financial business, which may arise between CEC meetings, and make contracts, draft official communications and perform other business as resolved by the CEC.

 - Article V, Section A of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is composed of
  1. the Executive Council,
  2. the State Democratic Executive Committee Members from Bexar County,
  3. the Club Presidents (or a designee) of Democratic Clubs with twenty-five (25) or more members,
  4. the Secretary,
  5. the Treasurer
  6. One Co-Chair (or designated representative)from each of the standing committees.
The Steering Committee shall compile the proposed agendas for all CEC meetings and do other advisory work.

 - Article VI of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Standing Committees - Description and Invitation to Serve!
The BCDP has Standing Committees named in the Continuing Rules and such other committees and sub-committees as may be approved by resolution of the CEC. The standing committees are:
  1. Budget and Finance
  2. Campaign
  3. Communications
  4. Election Integrity and Voter Protection
  5. Fund Raising
  6. Precinct Chair Recruitment
  7. Rules
All Standing Committees shall be led by two (2) Co-Chairs, one of whom must be a CEC member. The Co-Chairs shall be elected from that committee's membership. Membership on a Standing Committee shall include, but not be limited to, members of the CEC. Terms will coincide with the election cycle.  All members of the Bexar County Democratic Party are encouraged and welcome to serve on committees!  Following the initial meeting of any committee, any member who subsequently joins must attend two (2) consecutive meetings before obtaining voting rights, the exception being Budget & Finance, the members of which are appointed by the Executive Council.

 - Article VIII, Sections A,C, D, & F of the BCDP Continuing Rules

 Please open the next seven headers for descriptions of the respective committees! 

Budget and Finance Committee
Members of this committee shall be appointed and/or removed by the Executive Council and approved by a majority vote of the CEC at a regular meeting.

The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing and overseeing required FEC and Texas Ethics Commission filings, other state and federal financial filings, reconciliation of bank statements, and financial reports. The Budget and Finance Committee will propose and monitor execution of a budget and perform other duties prescribed in these Continuing Rules or as required.

This Committee shall establish written procedures for the handling and management of party funds and also the receipt and balancing of bank statements. These procedures shall be binding on any person collecting and/or handling money on behalf of the party.
Application to join the Budget & Finance Committee

Robert Miller, Pct 3104 -
Vanessa Williams, Pct 1010 -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraphs 1a, 1c, 1d, & 1e of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Campaign Committee
The Campaign Committee is responsible for candidate recruitment activities. It shall propose to the CEC a County Party campaign strategy, campaign budget, and campaign management in which roles and responsibilities will be assigned, and is responsible for monitoring progress and tactical direction of the campaign.

The Committee shall be in charge of the Coordinated Campaign, including Get Out The Vote and political events in Bexar County. It may, with the approval of the CEC, solicit contracts with consultants or other agencies to perform specific campaign tasks; however actual expenditure of funds is the responsibility of the Executive Council.

This Committee should be composed of, but not limited to, at least one representative from each of the following political areas in Bexar County 1) County Commissioner Precinct, 2) Senatorial District, 3) State House District, 4) Congressional District.

Gracie Acuña, Pct 1054 -
Ian Straus, Pct 4098 -

At the meeting of September 5, 2012, the Committee elected six members who will serve along with the Executive Council on the Special Election Committee for the 2012 general election:
   José García
   Leo Jaramillo
   Betty Moore
   Lee Muhlenbruch
   Roberto Rodríguez
   Rosa Rosales

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 2 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee is responsible for coordinating all public and media relations including, but not limited to, the Internet, voter guides, signage, fairs, festivals, and parades. The Secretary will be an Ex-Officio member. When needed, the Communications Committee will also assist with BCDP communications, and will work with any office staff for CEC communications.

Todd Hedley, Pct 3077 -
Michael Nash -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 3 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Election Integrity and Voter Protection Committee
The Election Integrity and Voter Protection Committee manages the mechanics of an election, such as recruiting, recommending, and training Primary Election Judges; poll watching; observing counting of ballots; and ensuring the Party abides by the Texas State Election Code and the rules of the Texas Democratic Party.

The Committee shall provide a "voting protection team" during elections to quickly investigate problems and to staff phones to quickly handle questions.

The Committee will represent voters to assure that every one is able to have easily accessible polling places; prevent intimidation of voters at the polls, and do everything possible to assure fair elections for all.

The Committee should be composed of at least one representative from each of the following political areas in Bexar County (1) County Commissioner Precinct, (2) Senatorial District (3) State House District, and (4) Congressional District.

Co-Chair: Eduardo Juárez, Pct 3020 -
Co-Chair: Julie Marquez -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 4 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Fund Raising Committee
The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for raising the funds needed to finance the budget adopted by the CEC in consultation with the County Chair and Treasurer.

Co-Chair: Grace Hernández, Pct 3151 -
Co-Chair: Gabriel Rosales, Pct 2081 -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 5 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Precinct Recruitment and Training Committee
The Precinct Recruitment and Training Committee shall recruit, train, and motivate Precinct Chairs. For those Precincts lacking functioning Precinct Chairs, the Committee shall recruit Precinct Coordinators (volunteers who wish to organize their precincts).

The Committee shall review applications for statutory eligibility. At each CEC meeting which achieves majority quorum, the Committee shall present a list of applicants recommended for filling Precinct Chair vacancies. Immediately following the CEC vote on recommended applicants, the Committee shall present a complete list of all remaining eligible applicants for vote by the CEC.

Please view our page on Precinct Recruitment!

Mark Camann, Pct 2140 -
Renee Watson, Pct 4039 -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 6 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Rules Committee
The Rules Committee has the duty to clarify and interpret the Rules of the BCDP and other matters, which the CEC may refer to the Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee will consider proposed changes to these Continuing Rules and will draft and recommend changes to the CEC. The Rules Committee will keep minutes and history reflecting the reasons for rules.

Bob Bretz, Pct 3063 -;
Ian Straus, Pct 4098 -

 - Article VIII, Section G, Paragraph 7 of the BCDP Continuing Rules

Ad Hoc Committees - Description and Invitation to Serve!
Ad Hoc committees are appointed by the County Chair for a specific task or objective. The current ad hoc committees are:
  1. Leadership and Training Ad Hoc Committee
  2. Legislative Ad-hoc Committee
  3. Veterans Ad-hoc Committee
 Please open the next three headers for descriptions of the respective ad hoc committees!  If you would like to serve on one of these committees, please email the County Chair

Leadership and Training Ad Hoc Committee
The Leadership and Training Committee is responsible for organizing and coordinating all leadership and training sessions for CEC members and the general public. The committee will develop a 12-month training schedule and coordinate with all Democratic Party organizations to ensure maximum training needs for precinct chairs, volunteers, elected officials, candidates, and the public at large. The goal of the committee is to ensure a large cadre of skilled leaders with exceptional training tools.

Patricia Galloway, Pct 3090 -
Linda Jackson, Pct 2072 -

Legislative Ad Hoc Committee
The Legislative Committee will keep the CEC abreast of proposed or impending legislative issues that are important to to all citizens and in particular to Democratic Party constituents. The committee will track federal and state legislative initiatives and assist with testimony by the Democratic Party Chair or designated representatives. County or city issues will be monitored for any participation by the CEC or designated representatives.

Shane Mitchell, Pct 3174 -
2nd Co-Chair pending

Veterans Ad Hoc Committee
The Veterans Committee is responsible for organizing an annual Veterans Day Celebration at the Novemer CEC meeting. The committee will advocate for issues related to veterans, active and retired military service, including but not limited to legislation. The committee will work towards participating in Veteran's Day activities including educational forums and coordinating legislative testimony that benefit Veterans and their families.

Verna Blackwell Hilario, Pct 2042 -
Henry García,



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