• 7 Things Every Modern Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

    A woman normally multi-tasks.  Hence, she does not get enough time to take care of herself.  She steps out of the home in a hurry.  Only during small time gaps like travel, waiting in a queue etc. does she realize her dry lips or those left out locks of hair falling frequently on the forehead.  Hence it becomes essential to keep a few things always on hand.  Read on to know the most important 7 things a modern woman should carry in her purse:

    Credit card and a small change:  Never forget to carry an alternative credit card in addition to the one which you are already using.  It can save you from embarrassments when there is no balance in one card (or) when the vendor does not support a type of card.  Also carrying coin purses is very useful.  You need not search desperately search for coins.  There are cute ranges of coin purses in luxtime which are convenient to carry.

    Lip balm:  Women are conscious of their appearance.  Their sense of beauty is very good.  It looks good if the lips appear fresh and glossy.  During winter lips become dry.  It even develops into blisters.  Hence it is always good to carry lip balm. 

    Tissues:  Tissues come handy to wipe dust and oil in the face.  No one knows when one catches a cold.  Tissues can be used during an emergency to wipe the nose.

    Safety pin:  When a woman feels that her wardrobe might malfunction, that would take her to the highest level of stress.  Hence it is prudent to carry a few safety pins. 

    Small hair clips:  Carrying small hair clips makes it easier to manage the hair.

    Spare stud:  It is cleverness to keep a set of a spare stud with you always.  If the stud back of the one under use goes missing, you can simply change your stud.

    Mouth freshener:  To avoid the embarrassment of bad breadth it is good to keep mouth freshener in a purse.…